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    Air Rider 45 Ranger Hovercraft

    In time of emergency, when aircraft and boats cannot operate, an Air Rider Hovercraft can be deployed for rescue.


    Hydrema - did you know...?

    That Hydrema, founded in 1959, is derived from HYDraulic Earth-moving MAchinery and has a North American Distribution Centre serving the US/Canada dealer network?

    Land Tamer - Remote Access Vehicle

    Brand New Amphibious Land Tamer with high-flotation, extended-track option offers .7 PSI....perfect for early winter road packing. Keep you winter road workers safe, warm and productive plus 3000 lb cargo carrying capacity!

    80 Hp Diesel, hydrostatic- 8 wheel gear driven, all aluminum, enclosed heated cab, winch, auxillary hydraulic power ports and large cargo area.

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