Loch Lomond Equipment Sales

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1. Can you repair "all makes" equipment?
A Our technicians come from a
variety of backgrounds and, accordingly, have solid experience repairing
many different types of equipment. Bombardier groomers and John Deere
products are two of our more familiar types but anything with a diesel
engine and a hydraulic or electrical system is our specialty.
2. Do you offer financing?
A Since we have chosen to better serve our customers by investing our capital in infrastructure and inventory, we are thus unable to offer our own in-house retail financing. We do however have excellent relationships with a number of finance companies who express interest in providing our customers with retail financing for our products.
3. What geographic area to you serve?
A Our target market is that of
Ontario's Far North and the general region of Northwestern Ontario. Our
Technicians are comfortable travelling to remote First Nation communities
and exploration camps to service and repair their equipment fleets. We also
respond frequently to other sector jobsites such as those of logging,
construction and utility contractors and tourist resorts.
4. Do you have a means to test or demo machines at your location?
A We
have a large test track adjacent to our shop where we give our stock units,
and customer units in for repair, a good work-out to ensure problem-free
performance. Our test track mirrors typical conditions encountered in the
region and offers deep snow conditions in winter and soft, muddy conditions
in summer - appropriately demonstrating the all-season floatation abilities
of our products.
5. Do you offer "used" parts?
A We purchase several groomers each season
to dismantle for parts. Out theory is that GOOD "used" parts on "used"
machines is an appropriate match. We also have a selection of suppliers for
aftermarket parts, for groomers and other machines, which can save the
customer significantly over OEM parts.