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Overview of Argo Amphibious All Terrain Vehicles

Argo All Terrain Vehicles Thunder Bay Overview of Argo Amphibious All Terrain Vehicles

Fully Amphibious All Terrain Vehicles without Preparation

Argo ATVs float on bodies of water and flooded areas allowing transport of up to 4 passengers for the 8 wheel models (called 8 x 8) and 2 passengers for the 6 wheel models (called 6 x 6). 

The rugged Argo all terrain vehicles can tow, carry a load, and allows you to work in areas and terrain that are inaccessible. The Argo is the perfect multi-passenger vehicle for wilderness exploration, scenic tours, photo safaris and everything in-between.

Outfitters, lodges and ecotour operators can offer their customers a unique and reliable outdoor experience. The Argo is also a proven performer for Public Sector, Utilities and Resource Management.

Designed for you

Argo extreme weather utility vehicles Thunder Bay Ontario

Argo is THE essential off-road all terrain vehicle for hunting, fishing, tourism, exploration and more. Take your friends and all your equipment and you'll still have plenty of space to take home whatever you bag.

Stability of these Personal All Terrain Vehicles

ARgo for hunting vehicles

You'll get 9" of ground clearance at the centre of these lightweight vehicles. Our load capacity is maintained in extreme conditions while other UTV load capacity is reduced. Our ARGOs allow for safer operation in extreme terrain.

Safety in your Argo All Terrain Vehicle

argo personal utility vehicles in the snow

The low centre of gravity and all-wheel drive provide sure-footed traction and maneuverability through demanding weather and terrain conditions. Argo models are equipped with a standard emergency/parking brake and a skid plate for lower body protection is available as a standard or optional feature. Argo models can be equipped with an optional rollover protective structure (ROPS) with integral drive/passenger seat belts and optional windshield. Remember to unfasten seat belts before entering water if you order this option.

An all terrain vehicle with Low Environmental Impact

ARGO 8 wheel drive personal utility vehicle

There is low environmental impact on land and water because of the unique tread pattern of the tires to the low ground pressure. Every ARGO model is designed to minimize its environmental footprint.

Some of the many ATV accessories

Windshields, windshield wipers, gas can holders, trailers, gun racks, handrails, power winch, snow plow kit, tire holder, tow hook, roll bar, and many more options.

ARGO Personal All Terrain Vehicle Brochure

ARGO ATV Testimonials

Maximum Off Road Youtube Channel

The Argo was the only vehicle that could explore the flooded woods and swamps at the 2015 Mud Nationals.

All Terrain Argo - through three feet of snow!

ATV in Swamps and Mud

Start exploring to see which model is for you.

6x6 ARGO Frontier EFI—Best Value Product

8x8 ARGO Frontier EFI—Best Value Product

8x8 ARGO HDi ADMIRAL Transmission

8x8 ARGO XT Models

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