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All Terrain Amphibious Vehicles — The Argo 8 x 8 750 HDi

Argo All Terrain Vehicles Thunder Bay All Terrain Amphibious Vehicles — The Argo 8 x 8 750 HDi

This 8-wheel drive amphibious all terrain vehicle is powered by a 4-stroke OHV V-Twin liquid cooled 748cc, 30 hp (22 kW) Kohler Aegis LH 775 engine with electronic fuel injection.

It has a load capacity of up to 1150 lb. / 521 kg on land or 1000 lb. / 454 kg on water, can transport 6 passengers on land, 4 on water and features towing capacity of 1800 lb. / 816 kg.

8x8 750 HDi All Terrain Vehicle Features:

  • Innovative triple-differential ADMIRAL transmission with independent steering brakes
  • Optional high torque transmission for extreme terrain performance
  • Increased steering efficiency for more and constant power to the wheels
  • EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)
  • Large rear cargo capacity
  • Long wheel base for increased ride comfort over rough terrain
  • Large triple-sealed outer axle bearings
  • Front and rear bearing extensions
  • Full skid plate for lower body protection
  • 8-wheel traction with low centre of gravity for extra stability
  • 25" (635 mm) ARGO tires with proprietary tread design
  • Electronic ignition
  • Digital Gauge Cluster (speedometer, tachometer, odometer, voltmeter, hour meter, engine coolant temperature, low oil pressure, parking brake reminder lights and check engine light)
  • Self-adjusting hydraulic brakes with vented discs
  • Low emissions
  • Three-year limited engine warranty

Electronic Fuel Injection provides

  1. Increased fuel efficiency
  2. Reliable cold weather starting
  3. Improved high altitude performance
  4. On-board diagnostics

Argo Testimonial

“Our guests are always really impressed by the ARGO 750 HDi. What the competition has to offer just doesn’t come close. Rhinos are useless for the type of terrain we go through and we actually used to have a couple of Polaris Rangers but we ended up with so many problems with them getting stuck in the muck. Since we switched to our ARGOs three years ago we haven’t looked back and they’ve really worked out well for our outfitting business.”

Watkins Parker from Dirty Rice Outfitters

Argo Admiral Steering

Specific ARGO models feature a technologically advanced, direct drive triple differential ADMIRAL steering transmission, feeding even torque to all 8 of the big 25" (635 mm) ARGO tires. Operating in high range, these superior extreme terrain vehicles steer smoothly through challenging terrain. In low range, the ARGO can turn within its own length with minimal effort, allowing for extremely tight turns.* The ARGO has excellent approach and departure angles to easily overcome obstacles.

Applies to tire models only

Admiral Steering on ARGO

Less engine power required to steer in high gear.

Reduces the need to operate in low gear.

Additional Accessories for your ATV

All ARGO Vehicles have the option for rubber tracks which provide for better traction in soft terrain or snow

ATV Comfort Options

You can purchase convertible tops to stay dry, heaters to stay warm, windshields, windshield wipers, rear bench seats, and suspension seats (the suspension seats need to be factory installed).

ATV Convenience Options

Snow plow kit, handrails, entry step, tire holder, winch, outboard motor bracket, trailer, utility rack, gun rack and more.

ATV Protection Options

Battery pump, bilge pump, cargo bedliner, roll bar, roof, seat belts, skid plate storage cover and more.

There are also different tire and track options, as well as, search and rescue options like stretchers.

ARGO All Terrain / Personal Utility Vehicles Brochure

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