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Argo Outfitter 8x8 ATVs

Argo All Terrain Vehicles Thunder Bay Argo Outfitter 8x8 ATVs

Argo Outfitter

It is getting harder and harder to find remote and untamed areas where it is peaceful and quiet or where the big game and monster fish are hiding. Even if you can find the perfect location, getting to the spot and transporting supplies can often be a challenge in itself.

It is these types of situations that call for some type of reliable, sturdy, and multiple use vehicle to reach the outermost and vast areas of the land and water. The Argo Outfitter is the perfect solution for transporting and traversing the challenging tundra ahead.

What is the Argo Outfitter?

The Argo Outfitter is an eight wheel all-terrain vehicle with superior towing and hauling capabilities to get outdoorsmen deep into the wilderness when hunting, camping, or fishing. This incredibly versatile 30 horsepower vehicle delivers all of the necessary power to make it rugged enough to travel over uneven and challenging areas of land or water.


The four cycle liquid cooled engine in this ATV delivers an unmatched amount of power to climb over the most rugged of tundra, underbrush, or vast terrain. The convenient electric start makes it simple when the camping or hunting party is ready to go. The Argo Outfitter has seating for up to six people and a load capacity of 1,275 pounds on land and 775 pounds on water.

This versatile all-terrain vehicle is the workhorse to get the gear and the group to the most remote of areas in comfort and quickly with speeds of 3 mph on water and 17 mph on land.

Exclusive Features

There are a number of features that make the Argo Outfitter a perfect all-terrain vehicle to tackle terrain from the beachfronts to the mountain tops such as the enhanced brush guard, the ultra bright lighting, dual entry steps, heated hand grips, and a WARN power winch.

The driver of this octa-wheeler will experience the ease and familiarity of driving a standard vehicle with such driver friendly inclusions as:

  1. Analog dashboard panel
  2. Fuel gauge
  3. Volt meter
  4. Water temperature gauge
  5. Center mount controls
  6. Speedometer
  7. Odometer
  8. Tachometer with digital time tracker
  9. Safety

Traveling over virgin land can be tricky and dangerous but not with the Argo Outfitter blazing the trail with a nine inch ground clearance, low center of gravity, hydraulic brakes, differential steering, and ADMIRAL transmission. Numerous grip bars are available for passengers when tackling uneven and rocky ground.

Hauling Capacity

When it comes to power, the Argo Outfitter flexes its towing muscle to handle loads of up to 1,275 pounds on land and 775 pounds when traversing waterways. For situations that require a tow, the capacity for towing is 2,000 pounds. The vehicle itself can carry up to 9.5 gallons of gas which provides 8 to 10 hours of traveling adventure. The hauling capacity for humans is six, with two front facing passengers and four passengers in the rear that sit to the sides facing the center of the vehicle. The hood rack and sure grip gun rack are also available for transporting firearms and fresh kill from site to cabin.

When it comes to an all-terrain vehicle that delivers the goods, the Argo Outfitter is on the job and ahead of the pack. With both land and water capabilities, this ATV is perfect for getting around on any type of terrain. The eight wheeled towing and hauling capabilities of this vehicle are definitely the outdoorsman's answer to breaking through and reaching the uncharted areas and finding the next big kill or undisturbed lake.

We have a test track on our property and you will be amazed at what the Argo ATVs can do. Contact us to set up your demo.

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