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Argo Scout Extreme ATVs

Argo All Terrain Vehicles Thunder Bay Argo Scout Extreme ATVs

The Best All Terrain Vehicles in The Market Today

Overview: Argo Scout

Argo has been building extreme terrain vehicles since 1967 although the Canadian manufacturer of amphibious all terrain vehicles was founded in 1962 as Ontario Drive & Gear Limited. Today, the company specializes in manufacturing 6x6 & 8x8 amphibious vehicles.

Our interest in this article will be on Argo’s 6x6 all terrain vehicles (ATV’s) specifically the Argo Scout ATVs. 

Introduction: Argo Scout ATVs

Argo has two main Argo Scout ATVs differentiable mainly by displacement i.e. the 694 and the 747cc models. The 694 cc Argo Scout ATV is powered by a 19hp (14.2kW) command pro engine while the 747 cc is powered by a 23hp (17.2kW) command pro engine.

Argo Scout all terrain vehicles come with an infinity Camo shell that is perfect for hunters as well as outdoorsmen who need unmatched stealth in the woods. The new Argo Scout is also unbelievably tough, powerful, reliable and features adequate storage space.

You simply can’t ask for a better 6x6 all terrain vehicle to head out and explore remote hunting grounds, rocky canyons, marshy bogs, tight woods or whatever else dares to cross your path.

Argo Scout ATVs for extreme mud

Standard equipment

To get a better glimpse as to why Argo Scout ATVs stand out as the best 6x6 all terrain vehicles on sale today, below is a list of the standard equipment that comes with the latest Argo Scout ATVs.

1. Upgraded seats: The Argo Scout comes with upgraded front & rear seat cushions. The Argo Scout also features a front seat backrest pad with refined stitching as well as a custom Argo logo embossing. The upgraded seats offer more comfort and style.

2. Storage rack: The Argo Scout also features a 2-position fold down rack that offers extra cargo storage space. 

3. Removable hood rack: This new Argo Scout rack is perfect for carrying excess cargo as well as small game. 

4. Enhanced brush guard: The Argo Scout also has an enhanced brush guard that offers outstanding protection on the front end of the vehicle. The brush guard is strong enough to absorb impact from brush branches as well as many other off-road hazards. 

5. Entry step: The new Argo Scout has also received an entry step upgrade to assist riders when entering and exiting the ATV while carrying heavy gear, equipment etc. 

6. USB power outlet: The new Argo Scout also has a USB power outlet that allows riders to charge devices such as phones and tablets as well as utilize their GPS. 

7. Enhanced lighting: The Argo Scout has also received a lighting upgrade. The newest Argo Scout ATVs now have dual high-powered floodlights. 

8. Interior lighting: The interior lighting has also been improved to illuminate the entire front driving area as well as the vehicle console. 

9. Bilge pump: The latest Argo Scout also has a bilge pump. This piece of equipment comes in handy when you want to remove bilge water during marshy bogs adventures. 

10. WARN power winch: The Argo Scout also features a powerful WARN power winch capable of hauling and pulling the Argo Scout out of any messy situation. 

Main features

The Argo Scout has many outstanding features the most notable being:

1. The ATV’s 6-wheel traction featuring a lower center of gravity that offers unmatched stability.

2. A state-of-the-art automatic variable transmission featuring a high & low range forward and reverse gear that has been tested and proven to be one of the best in ATVs today.

3. Self–adjusting hydraulic brakes with vented discs that offer unmatched braking power. 

4. A belt driven CVT (continuously variable transmission) clutch that maximizes engine power.

5. A one-piece ergonomic handlebar steering that offers safer and easier handling. 

6. A strong body made of a high molecular weight polyethylene vacuum which is strong enough to handle the toughest all terrain assignments and cargo/ride weight capacity of 500 lb. / 227 kg on land and 300 lb. / 136 kg on water.

7. Low emissions: The Argo Scout is one of the few ATVs that boast of being environmental friendly. 


The above information clearly indicates why Argo Scout ATVs are the best of their kind in the market today.

The ATVs are tougher, more powerful and stealthier than most (if not all) ATVs on sale today. Argo Scout ATVs have received notable upgrades that make them more effective in all kinds of ATV adventures.

When you consider other pros of the ATVs i.e. a high towing capacity of 1200 lb./ 544 kg, better fuel efficiency (can run for 8 hours straight on a full tank (7.1 US Gallons or 27 litres), impressive land and water speeds (22 mph and 3 mph respectively) etc. it’s easy to see why the Argo Scout comes highly recommended. 

We have a test track on our property and you will be amazed at what the Argo ATVs can do. Contact us to set up your demo. We will get everything ready for you.

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