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ATV ARGO Amphibious 8x8 XT

Argo All Terrain Vehicles Thunder Bay ATV ARGO Amphibious 8x8 XT

ATV Argo XT, 8 Wheel Drive

The ARGO XT is a fully amphibious 8X8, all-terrain vehicle designed for commercial operations in winter ice road construction, utility right-of-way construction and maintenance, mineral exploration, rescue missions and more.

This Argo ATV features a 30hp Kohler EFI gas engine or a 24hp Kohler Diesel engine, and the patented triple differential ADMIRAL transmission.

The Argo XT offers a host of heavy duty upgrades over other ARGO “Sportsman” models. Included in these extreme all terrain vehicles features are heavier, sealed, oil-bath- maintenance-free axles, a larger alternator, a HD drive belt, HD drive chains, auto chain lubrication, a HD wider frame, HD wheel rims and 18” tracks.

The XT can be equipped with an a ROPS (Roll-Over Protection Structure) and a heated cab enclosure, a winch, helicopter lift hooks, and is available with a choice of rear deck platforms (seating, cargo basin, deck, tool box and more).

Seat belts are standard equipment on Argo XT.

The base model XT weighs in at 1750 lbs and can carry a payload of 1300 lbs at 27 km/hr.

If your application requires an industrial- grade, amphibious all terrain ARGO, then the XT is the perfect choice!

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