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Updating the 'Our Team' Web App

Extra Information:

The numbers indicate a time code on the video. This allows you to scrub forward to the spot on the video that interests you in the future.

  • (0:47) Modify an existing person's information
  • (1:35) Linking to an image that is already stored on your system
  • (3:05) Add biography text for a staff member
  • (3:58) Add a new staff member
  • (4:58) Change the order of how the staff members are displayed
  • (6:00) Deleting staff information
  • (6:14) Disabling staff information so it is NOT displayed on the website but still exists in your administrative area

Remember to keep the dimensions of photos if you are uploading a new photo. This allows uniformity on the website. The width of 242 pixels is most important. If you cannot keep the height at 242 pixels, it is fine.