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Open your winter roads earlier with the help of Big Ice

Posted by Rick Prior

Big Ice Model B-55 for helping to make ice winter roads from  Loch Lomond Equipment Sales in Thunder Bay

This picture shows three Big Ice Model B-55 units positioned in the ice and ready to operate.

Big Ice has created a solution to to help you open up your winter roads earlier—especially during a season such as this when the temperatures aren't dipping low enough to create ice quickly.

These units help the freezing process by pumping 26,000 gallons of water/hour from the lake, river, or stream on to the ice surface. You pump two to three inches of water on to the surface and allow it to freeze. You are adding inches of ice on the top while Mother Nature" is creating ice on underneath the ice surface. 

This solution is great to fill in thinner areas of ice or just to help build the thickness of the winter ice roads.

opening winter roads earlier with the model b-55opening winter ice roads in Ontario earlier with the model b-55

Learn more about the B-55 Model and see the video of the B-55 in action.

We have been stocking these items for your convenience; however, they are selling very well. If you are interested, call us to find out if this product can help you open your winter roads to heavier traffic earlier.