Overview: The Big Ice Model B-55 Flood Pump

When big truck loads are on the way and the urgency to add ice thickness is critical, you can count on the Big Ice Model B-55 to help out Mother Nature. The Model B-55 stands out as the best heavy-duty flood pump on the market today and is especially designed to withstand the rigors of Ontario Far North winter ice road construction.

Top features and specifications:

  1. Purpose built for flooding operations over streams, rivers and lakes.
  2. Dependable Honda 4-stroke, 5.5hp engine with easy, recoil start.
  3. Self priming when placed in a pre-drilled bore hole
  4. Self draining when removed from the bore hole preventing freeze-up
  5. Pump Specifications:

Lightweight and highly portable for frequent set ups with tough, robust construction to withstand the most arduous transportation. Built by world-class manufacturer Ross Industries and exclusively distributed in Ontario by Loch Lomond Equipment Sales.

Build better winter ice roads with Big Ice B-55 Flood Pumps.