Big Ice Flooding Pumps

When big truck loads are on the way and adding ice thickness is critical, you can count on the Big Ice Model B-55 to help out Mother Nature. The Model B-55 stands out as the best heavy-duty flood pump on the market today and is especially designed to withstand the rigours of Ontario Far North winter ice road construction.

Features and specifications:

  1. Purpose built for flooding operations over streams, rivers and lakes.
  2. Dependable Honda 4-stroke, 5.5hp engine with easy, recoil start, 68 pounds.
  3. Self priming when placed in a pre-drilled bore hole.
  4. Self draining when removed from the bore hole preventing freeze-up.

Lightweight and highly portable for frequent set ups with tough, robust construction to withstand the most arduous transportation. Built by world-class manufacturer Ross Industries and exclusively distributed in Ontario by Loch Lomond Equipment Sales.

Big Ice

Big Ice Photos

Equipment Repairs and Servicing

Why choose Loch Lomond Equipment Sales?

We have a roster of factory trained and licenced heavy equipment technicians with over 200 years of combined experience. People with ability, professionalism, and a great attitude! We take enormous pride in our work and strive to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. Try us!

Summer Overhaul Services

dismantle of groomer

We provide summer overhaul services, including shipping your winter road groomer out to Thunder Bay over the winter road and completely servicing and repairing it so it’s ready to go for the start of the next winter road season. Ari Matikainen, who heads up our Service Department, is a licensed heavy equipment technician, and is the “go-to-guy” for technical assistance. He has more than 35 years of heavy equipment repair and diagnostic experience including extensive training within the John Deere organization.

Field Service Calls

Our Field Specialist is Andy Pera who is also a licensed heavy equipment technician with over 40 years of experience. Andy travels to various remote First Nation communities to service and repair both the products we represent and other types of heavy equipment. Back at the shop, we have several more technicians and helpers who perform our summer overhauls and carefully prepare our stock units.

Component Rebuilding

If you need a final drive or axle rebuilt, or diesel engine or transmission overhauled, Loch Lomond Equipment Sales can provide such expertise. Why replace with “new” if your component is re-buildable – and at reasonable labour rates?

We rebuild a variety of heavy equipment components from skidders, feller bunchers, motor graders and so on. Few dealers have the expertise on staff to perform this highly technical work properly…..but we do!

Loch Lomond Shop Ari rebuilding a John Deere Skidder Axle - Component Rebuilding

Genuine Parts * Used Parts, *"All-Makes" Parts* Automotive Fleet Parts

We are proud to be authorized dealers for two iconic product lines: Prinoth and Argo.

Jorge Dias, who has a career history of spare parts sourcing, heads up our Parts Department and coordinates all of our Prinoth (formerly Bombardier) and Argo parts support. He can also source various “all makes” heavy equipment parts, automotive parts for your Public Works Fleet and any miscellaneous supplies you need for your winter road construction. Jorge can then handle all the logistics of getting them quickly to your location.

We regularly dismantle snow groomers enabling us to provide economically priced used parts, which we call “GUTO” (Good Used Take-Off). Sometimes it makes more sense to use a GUTO part, rather than a brand new part, on an older machine. Try us for that GUTO part you need!

  • Fleet Parts Fleet Parts
  • AMI Attachments for Heavy Equipment

    We are an authorized dealer for AMI Attachments, a world class Canadian manufacturer of quality attachments for your loader, excavator, back-hoe and more. Whether it be a replacement bucket, a material handling grapple, forks, a frost pick, coupler or plow, we can match a new attachment to your existing piece of equipment.

    AMI Attachments
  • Noteworthy Credentials

    Various government and private corporations utilize fleet management companies to manage their vehicle or equipment fleets. Two such fleet management companies are ARI and Element. We are proud to have been certified as an approved ARI Preferred Vendor and an Element Fleet Management Preferred Vendor.

    ARI Fleet Preferred Vendor Element Fleet Management at Loch Lomond Equipment Sales in Thunder Bay Ontario