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Winter Road Snow Groomers

As an Ontario Far North winter road-builder, you should be deploying a modified snow groomer (also known as a snow cat) to best accomplish the task of plowing snow and packing swamps.

Loch Lomond Equipment Sales has established itself as the region’s leading supplier of winter road snow groomers. We pride ourselves in providing new and pre-owned specially prepared winter road construction groomers with safety and convenience features like LED Light Bars, roof safety escape hatches, window-glass-exit-hammers, cold-weather-starting packages and lightweight Heavy Duty rear cargo decks.

Our groomers are fully serviced and tested on our demo track before delivery. We support our extensive Prinoth population with quick factory response times for genuine Prinoth (formerly Bombardier) parts and field service. We purchase a number of machines each year for dismantling so we also have a good selection of used snow cat parts on hand.

If machine dependability and comprehensive product support is your requirement, then a groomer from Loch Lomond Equipment Sales is your best choice.

Prinoth Trooper

When you need a lightweight snowcat with personnel and cargo carrying capability, then Prinoth Trooper is your best option. An economical 142 hp diesel engine, a five passenger cab and a 3000 lb capacity cargo deck combine to make the Trooper the perfect vehicle for early-winter-road-packing and winter road support.

Prinoth Husky

When a “factory new” winter road groomer is justified, consider a new state-of-the-art Husky, quite possibly the perfect balance between weight constraints and plowing-power requirements. With an overall weight of approximately 11,000 lbs and a powerful 228 hp diesel engine, this mid-weight groomer fills the void of the discontinued Bombardier Plus MP’s and BR275’s.

Groomer Refurbishments

dismantle of groomer

When a gruelling winter road season has taken its toll on your groomer, why not send your machine down to our service / repair facility to have us perform comprehensive summer servicing or even a complete overhaul? We can re-life your machine by going through it from stem-to-stern and have it in ready-to-work condition, and delivered to the start of your winter road, for next season.

Rebuilt Groomer Tracks

rebuilt tracks

The first snow flakes are often the reminder to start checking over the groomers that have been quietly parked since last season. The sudden realization that the tracks are worn out creates panic! Fear not, we have complete, rebuilt and used 4 belt and 5 belt tracks in stock. 

Factory Original and Used Parts

New Prinoth Parts

As a Prinoth dealer we have direct factory access to new genuine Prinoth (Bombardier) Parts. We are always on-line to Prinoth Technical Services so if you are uncertain as to what you need, give us a call and we can help you source the correct part.

GUTO Parts

GUTO stands for "Good Used Take-Off"....that's what we call our "used parts" offerings. Over the years we have dismantled many Prinoth-Bombardier snow groomers and, as a result, have a large inventory of GUTO SnowCat parts. Sometimes it makes more sense to use a GUTO part, rather than a brand new part, on an older machine. Try us for that GUTO part you need!

Technical Services

Operator Training and Preventative Maintenance Instruction

Loch Lomond Equipment Sales offers comprehensive operator training and preventative maintenance instruction as part of the delivery process of every winter road construction groomer we sell. We are all about safety, productivity and low operating costs. We focus on providing winter road workers with the knowledge they need to be safe and productive operators.


We also recognize the high costs associated with dispatching technicians to the Far North. So we pride ourselves in being able to provide technical over-the-phone services to help walk you through diagnostics. Perhaps a quick phone call to us can solve your mechanical issue or assist us in diagnosing the repair enabling us to send the correct parts.

MTN Trail Groomers

We are the authorized dealer for MTN Trail Groomers. Trail groomers, or "drags", are used to make smooth winter ice roads or snowmobile trails. A series of blades, mounted on tripping arms, shave off the high spots and fill in the low spots resulting in a smooth and hard- packed surface. Available in widths of 4’ – 12’ wide and 8’ – 20’ long, the larger ones are most commonly pulled behind a Prinoth snow groomer with the smaller sizes capable of being pulled behind an Argo.

MTN Trail Groomers Prinoth trooper with MTN drag