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The Conquest 8x8 XT has become the popular choice among commercial customers who need personnel and cargo transport or support vehicles for remote projects such as ice road construction. Optionally equipping the XTI with a rear flat deck provides endless opportunities to transport core boxes, fire-fighting apparatus, tools, drills, generators, welders and more. Amphibious, tow-behind trailers offer still more functionality with their 1400 pound load carrying capacity.

A hard sided, heated, ROPS (Roll-over Protection Structure) cab with seatbelts, with spacious seating for four, provides safety and comfort for winter applications like towing snowmobile trail grooming drags or Nordic skiing track setters. Utility companies appreciate the “go anywhere” ability of the Conquest for pipeline corrosion inspections and emergency spill control.

Perfectly suited for transmission line maintenance, environmental monitoring and geospatial field recognisance, Argos’ are widely deployed by hydro producers, mining companies and forestry consultants. The list goes on and on… what are YOU using for safe remote access?

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Argo Recreational

Wilderness Series

Go Anywhere in Camo with a Wilderness Series Argo, each equipped with standard features specifically designed for the elite hunter and fisherman. These amphibious XTVs offer loads of room for multiple passengers and all their gear with the added capability of transporting your game out of the bush. Successful hunts and full fish limits are certain to be had when you can access prime locations that others can’t!

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XTV Series

Five decades of evolution has made Argo the undisputed choice of vehicle for amphibious travel to remote, access challenged locations. The Argo your father had has morphed into today’s modern Argo incorporating significant feature changes and advanced technology. Take comfort while venturing into unforgiving terrain knowing that your Argo will bring you home safely.

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Xplorer Series

Building on its 50 year reputation for quality and innovation, Argo delivers the same level of confidence and dependability in its new line up of four-wheeler ATVs. Loaded with standard features in both 500 cc and 1000 cc sizes, the Explorer series offers premium Innova tires, steel racks, a multi-function digital gauge, a front differential lock and an anti-vibration 2 inch receiver. Colour range includes Red, Green, Silver and Orange and the choice of Two-Up models and Electronic Power Steering. If Four-Wheeling is your thing, then an Argo Explorer is your machine!

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